We just so happen to be designers.

Our Mission

Everything we do we believe in challenging the status quo. We believe in thinking differently, by striving for excellence in everything we do. Our number one priority is to bring our clients stunning and cutting edge products that are beautifully designed for their unique purposes and needs. We just so happen to be designers.

Here at Skykey Studios, the sky truly is the limit.

 Who We are

Skykey Studios is an award winning design firm where we solve business related problems through visual creativity. We specialize in design, photography, video production, web, UX/UI design, HTML5 and CSS, print, and so much more.

Skills we bring to the table


our Founder


“I just really love to make things. Whenever I have an idea or if i feel inspired, I have to do something with it. Because when I just sit idle and I don’t somehow express that idea, either through a computer, a camera lens, pen, or pencil, it will fester and and consume me to the point of being miserable. If I don’t somehow communicate and express what that creativity is.

Ive had the privilege of working with some amazing ministries, small businesses, and couples and family’s on many different projects. Not simply because constantly being creative excites me, but because I get to see the passion my clients have for their business, ministry, photos, ect. and to deliver the quality that they call for… “

  • Stephen Davis, CEO and founder